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Product Review: UpSpring Mom Products

As a breastfeeding mom (going on 10 months!) I’m always up for trying any products that claim to boost my milk supply or offer relief from having an infant attached to my boob all day. Thanks to Influenster I was finally able to try a few UpSpring products I’ve been dying to try.

UpSpring VoxBox
I was anticipating the VoxBox arrival. I had a dentist appointment on Monday that I couldn’t wait to get done with so I could check the mail. After three strenuous hours of sitting in the dentist chair (and getting the dreaded news- I need a root canal!) I finally rushed in the door to see an ample green box sitting on the counter. Receiving a VoxBox is like Christmas! I immediately ripped open the tape and gazed into the glorious box. Inside I found many products: wellmom nipple balm, milkscreen alcohol detecting strips, a nifty UpSpring shaker cup and nine packets of milkflow fenugreek drink power in three flavors: chocolate, citrus and berry.

After trying out all of the free products I came to the conclusion that UpSpring lives up to its reputation. Keep reading to see my thoughts on the products!

Wellmom nipple balm
Wellmom nipplebalm: I was delighted to see that this nipple balm is organic and all natural, and an alternative to using lanolin which I haven’t been a huge fan of using in the past. I applied a small amount on both nipples after nursing my son. After using the nipple balm after nursing all day I already saw a change, I felt moistured and not cracked and dry like I’m use to. I’ll continue using this nipple cream over other brands.

Milkscreen test strips
Milkscreen test kit for alcohol: I’ve always been lead to believe that if you’re safe to drive, you’re safe to feed when it comes to breastfeeding after drinking alcohol. But since this product was free to try, I figure it’s worth a shot to see what my results were. I first tested freshly pumped milk. The strip is very small and easy to use- dip it in fresh expressed milk  and wait two minutes. If the strip changes colors, alcohol is detected. If it stays the same, you’re safe to feed. Like I expected, my tested strip came up negative for alcohol.

Testing my liquid gold!
Later that night I had a Guinness with dinner. I usually don’t drink more than one beer in a night so I wondered if just one bottle is enough to show alcohol on the test strip. About an hour after I tested once again, I was surprised to see alcohol was not detected in my milk.

I feel that this product would be perfect for the mama that wants a piece of mind after having a few drinks. I personally will not plan to purchase this for myself.

Milkflow in berry
Milkflow Fenugreek drink mix- I’ve had struggles on and off with my milk supply so I was curious to see how my supply would be effected by the drink mix.  I wasn’t too sure what to think of it but hey- I’d rather drink my vitamins and supplements than choke down a huge pill.

The first flavor I tried was berry. I added 12 ounces of water to my shaker cup and one packet of the drink mix. After shaking it up I took a small sip. To my surprise, the flavor was very sweet yet tart, and I actually liked it! I had no problem drinking this flavor. The next day I didn’t see any increase in ounces or feelings of fullness in my breast.

The next day I tried the citrus. After mixing with my shaker cup again I took a sip and low and behold, it tastes EXACTLY like orange kool-aid! I thought right then that this is for sure another flavor I could drink often. By the end of the day, I did notice a half ounce increase than I normally get when I pump before bed.

The last flavor I tried was chocolate. Oddly enough, I’m not a fan of chocolate milk so I didn’t expect to like this. I mixed the packet with milk and took a drink- it’s not too bad but it does taste like an average chocolate milk.

I still have a few packets left to drink! I’m planning on purchasing the citrus and berry in the future.

Connor approves.
*I received these products for free for testing purposes from Influenster, all opinions are my own.”


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