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Anything But Simple- Birth Story Part 2 

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As I sat in the passenger seat praying I tried to take deep, long breaths. Holding back the tears was nearly impossible. This was my first child and I had no idea what to expect.

Once we arrived at the women’s hospital my husband walked up to the maternity floor with me and we checked in with the nurses station, telling them what was going on. Quickly they brought me to a room and had me get prepared to be seen by a doctor. I was hooked up to all sorts of monitors- my heart rate, baby’s heart rate- and a nurse took a sample of my blood. Shorty the nurse returned, bringing me a huge hospital jug of ice water, telling me to drink as much as possible. After A few sips I felt a tad bit relaxed and I noticed the pains I felt earlier were no longer there.

About forty-five minutes later our nurse came into the room to fill us in with what was going on with me. Great news-baby Bromley was okay and everything with him was normal. Me on the other hand, I did have slightly higher blood pressure than normal but they believe the pains were caused by being dehydrated and that my blood pressure was a mild concern. I was instructed to drink plenty of water and to check back in with my obstetrician that week.

Soon we were back in our Jeep headed home. What a relief it was to leave the hospital. After all, baby wasn’t ready to be born yet.

The following weeks of pregnancy couldn’t have gone any slower. Day by day we prepared for our new guy’s arrival by getting our quaint little apartment home prepared for its third occupant. My feet were insanely swollen; I spent a lot of time with my feet propped up on a few bulky pillows on the couch with hopes of the swelling going down. My enormous belly was sticking out more than ever before, I was so ready to get this baby out of me!

Soon enough we were in the home stretch. We had a week and a half before Connor’s due date. Adam and I went over to his father’s house to gather around the tv and watch the Nebraska Huskers game that was being played that day. Before we left I noticed that I was starting to get a headache, which I rarely ever get. I took a Tylenol expecting my headache to clear up soon.

At halftime I noticed that my headache was getting increasingly worse. Adam suggested I call my doctors office to see if it’s anything to worry about. Within minutes a nurse was on the other line and I was telling her about my headache and other abnormalities I was experiencing. Mid-sentence the nurse interrupted me and said I need to immediately get to labor and delivery and be seen right away.

Not long after Adam and I left his father’s house and headed to the hospital. I wasn’t feeling too concerned; yet I felt the need to text my mother and grandmother to please pray as were going in to get seen.

Once we got up to labor and delivery our nurse started the expected tests and I was routinely hooked up to monitors. I felt just fine besides the headache and Adam and I were watching the remaining of the game as we waited to get test results. Our nurse, Sherry was in our room and we were talking about the disappointing ending to the game. All of a sudden I felt light headed; the monitors started loudly beeping.

The next thing I know I was surrounded by nurses, one who was slipping an oxygen mask over my face.


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