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Gotta Catch ‘Em All! 

If you grew up during the 90s you’ve probably played Pokèmon or you’ve at least heard of it. Now with the app Pokèmon Go being such a success, it’s everywhere! On the news, all over Facebook- even restaurants giving out discounts for showing that you play. 
As a 90s kid my older brother Tyler got me into playing the Pokèmon card game. When I was in third grade I’d walk over to the park across the street from my school to battle and trade cards. Soon enough my brother and I were hooked on playing Pokèmon Blue on our Gameboy colors. Life was good!

Fast forward to the beginning of July when the highly anticipated Pokèmon Go app was dropped in the U.S. The app took the country by storm and quickly became the number one app. My husband immediately downloaded it and send me a screenshot of him catching a Pokèmon next to his friend on his lunch break. The child in me eagerly wanted to download the game but as a wife and a mother I have so many other things I could be doing- laundry, dishes, you name it.

Later that day I needed to go grocery shopping, a task that my husband usually doesn’t want to tag along with. I told Adam I was about to leave and he asked if he could go. Very surprised I told him of course he could. Then when we got to the car he asked if I would drive- something he usually does when we’re in the car together, but sure, I’ll drive. Not long after we turned right onto the Main Street by our house Adam yells, “OOH!!!” With my heart racing I nearly slammed on the breaks afraid he saw something ahead of us that I didn’t. “Look I caught a Meowth!” All of that dang near car accident excitement for a dang Pokèmon! This was going to be a long trip to the store.

Once we arrived at the grocery store, I had Adam push the cart with Connor sitting in front. I started to walk to the next aisle and notice that the boys weren’t behind me. I peeked back and sure enough, Adam is looking intensely at his phone. He waves for me to come back over and said, “Hurry, come check this out!” I look at his phone screen and sure enough a Weedle is sitting on our son’s shoulder. I found this pretty amusing and started to think that maybe I can give this game a shot.

You have something on your shoulder kid!
A few days later after seeing on Facebook how much people love the game I figured I might as well join in- worst case scenario I waste my time and delete the app. After Adam came home from work we made a plan drive around and he’d show me the ropes of Pokèmon Go. We spent the next few hours driving around hitting up Pokèstops and catching all sorts of Pokèmon. We had such a great time together!

We tend to spend our nights at home watching Netflix; instead we soon we found ourselves making plans for outings to look for new Pokèmon. One night we went on an hour long walk at a nearby lake; the next we went to downtown Omaha to walk around the Old Market seeking new Pokèmon to catch. I loved how this game was getting us outside and exploring.

Walking on the trail

Watch Out!
Now that I’ve gotten use to playing the game and much better at battling gyms,(level 15 and 52 Pokèmon in my Pokèdex!) it’s still a ton of fun and I play daily. We started watching the Pokèmon Indigo League on Netflix together and let Brayden try his hand at throwing Pokèballs on the app. Most importantly, the game has given a unique hobby to do as a family and spend time together.

Enjoying the outdoors
Its amazing how the app is taking over in multiple countries, getting people out into the community and exploring their neighborhoods. Even if Pokèmon isn’t really your thing, I highly recommend giving it a chance especially if your spouse or children play, it might just be a new way to bring you all together!


2 thoughts on “Gotta Catch ‘Em All! 

  1. I loved this post! It made me laugh. 🙂 I think this is an awesome way to spend quality time together, while enjoying the outdoors and getting exercise. 🙂


  2. Fun story! I’ve only down loaded the app so far. Someday I may try it. Btw, I saw this on IG which led me here. Anyway have fun! —Your older, (maybe oldest?), cousin.😳😏😊

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