Got It Free: Guide To Influenster 

I recently had a friend tell me, “I really don’t get how you get all this free stuff.” She has a very valid point- I’ve kept my ways secret so far! Over a series of posts, I’ll be sharing with you how I get completely free products!

I’ll begin with the website that started it all: Influenster. I joined back in 2015 but I didn’t really start to use the site until May 2016 after seeing it recommended in a Facebook freebie group. After getting my information filled out and participating I received my first box of free samples. Opening my VoxBox was like Christmas, I couldn’t wait to open the package and see what was inside!

Available by app or webpage Influenster is a community of trend loving shoppers who review products, receive free items and share what they honestly think on the site and with the brands. Also as an member you can read others reviews, ask and answer questions and make lists such as your favorite summer products or what your beauty bag must haves are. The products to review have an enormous range of categories; there is something for everyone!

 So now that you know what Influenster is, download the app or head to the website and let’s get started! First, fill out your profile completely and honestly. Add a picture, fill out your about me; show your unique self.



Next, here are some terms you must know:

VoxBox– A box of free goodies that are sample size or a full size product mailed directly to you from Influenster. VoxBoxes usually have themes. This box may contain one product or many products, all from one brand or from multiple brands. Depending on what you will get your VoxBox will arrive in your mailbox or to your front door.

VirtualVox– A campaign you can complete but will require steps such as reviewing a product, making a specific list, etc. You won’t receive any products with a VirtualVox but you can buy or check out specific items at the store and report back to the campaign. At the end you may get a prize such as an actual Voxbox or a special prize from a brand.

-Social impact score– Your score will help determine what Voxboxes you will receive. Scores in the higher range are more likely to get more Voxboxes or better products. Having a strong presence in social media will really help you to have a higher score.

Snaps– A list or questions that once filled out will determine what your shopping behaviors are so that Influenster can improve what products you may get to try or will be shown to you on the site.

Lists– You are able to make a list of products that you enjoy or want other’s to know about.

Now that we got that down, let’s move on to connecting your social media sites to your social impact tab to get your score. You can add everything from Facebook to Instagram or a blog. I recommend adding as much as you can, even if you only have a handful of followers on Twitter or a few subscribers on YouTube. Your score translates to the amount of followers or friends you have on a site; so say you have 323 Facebook friends- that adds 323 to your impact score. If you run a blog, you have the option to fill out a form and add a widget to your website. Once this has been done you will be awarded 100 social impact points to your score. Another bonus: you’ll be a member of the Influenster Blogger Network! (You can see my lovely widget on the sidebar of this blog or at the bottom of the page.) Joining really increases your chance of getting fabulous Voxboxes that may be more directed towards bloggers. Also don’t forget to share your reference link around the web! You’ll get 5 points for each friend that signs up using your unique link.

After completing your social impact score head to snaps. You’ll see lists of questions such as: “which of these candy bars do you regularly buy?” Or “What shampoos do you like to use?” After finishing a snap you’ll be led to a list of products that you probably have used and can leave a review. When it comes to reviews, think quality over quantity. Influenster asks that a review is at least 85 characters long and they have writing prompts to give you an idea of what to include. Honesty truly is the best policy- even if you hate a product, let everyone know why and give details behind your reasoning. Once you’ve finished your available snaps (There are a lot of them, so stick with it- it may take a few days to get through them all!) you are at a higher chance of getting your first Voxbox offer.

Now that you’ve gotten the basics down, explore the site! You can go to categories and see lists or articles of products that you may be interested in or have used. Leave a review, answer or ask a question, or add the product to one of your lists.

When you feel like you have a good feel of the site, head to badges. These badges represent who you are- mega mom, bookworm or maybe you’re a beauty queen. Between the expert badges and lifestyle badges you have 21 to choose from. Earn a few or earn them all! To earn points towards the badge you’ll need to write reviews, answer questions or share a product on social media. Once you earn 100 points the badge is all yours. You can earn even more badges by participating in campaigns. Once you’re in a campaign, that means you have a Voxbox on the way to you or you are apart of a virtual Voxbox campaign. A campaign will have a special brand badge you can earn from completing tasks.

So now that we’ve gone through that, let’s talk about what it’s like to get a VoxBox. When you qualify or could possibly qualify for a VoxBox you’ll receive a notification to take a pre-qualification survey or you’ll get an email saying you have a box on the way. You’ll get the VoxBox added to your campaign tab. Once it arrives check the box in and get started on your tasks! These tasks may range from taking a picture with the product or writing a review on another website. Being creative and unique will really help your task stand out. Once the brand badge is completed you’ll also have a chance at winning a special prize from the brand. You’ll have a certain amount of time to complete the badge as well, so try to get it done in a decent amount of time! Make sure you also finish your post campaign survey. You will want to fulfill what is asked of you to earn the badge if you’d like to get another VoxBox in the future.

After you’ve completed your VoxBox missions you’ll probably be excited for your next one. Influenster gives your many opportunities to get involved and see what VoxBoxes are going to be sent out soon. Check out their Instagram, Twitter or Facebook page to stay connected and to see what products could be coming to your mailbox soon. I suggest participating in Twitter Parties or Facebook reveals as they give you a chance to win an auto-qualification into another VoxBox. Unfortunately it could take a month or two before you receive another VoxBox. Try to be patient and stay active on the site.


I’ve covered all the basics of Influesnter and I hope you find it intriguing! If you’d like to get started and receive your first VoxBox, click here to get started! If you sign up and receive a VoxBox, I’d love to know your experience, so please share in the comments below.


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