Product Reviews: Seventh Generation 

When it comes to what products I use to clean or put on my body or my child’s, I like to use a product with the least amount of chemicals. I also like to know what is in the product. In comes Seventh Generation, the perfect brand for a mother like myself.

Launched in 1988, The Seventh Generation brand is on a mission “To inspire a consumer revolution that nurtures the health of the next seven generations.” Now that is a mission statement I can get behind! The brand has started the #ComeClean movement, which calls for companies to disclose all ingredients in their products to consumers. The movement makes an excellent point that needs to be brought up. While food and personal care items have to have content labels, there are no regulations for ingredient labeling of household cleaners. Chemicals can often be hid behind the term “fragrance.” Frequently we are seeing products with fragrances that are not needed.

A great example of unnecessary added fragrances is tampons. You can buy them in many different scents, yet they have no necessary reason to be in our tampons. It will work just as well if it doesn’t have a fresh scent chemically added to it. Our most sensitive areas deserve to get the protection they need with out the irritants of fragrances.

Seventh Generation points out that fragrances can cause serious health effects such as skin problems, lung issues and even cancer. Companies are aware that consumers can be clueless of what is in their products and could careless of how it could effect them- that is NOT okay. Seventh Generations wants it’s consumers to know what exactly is in their products so on the back of the packaging you’ll find a list of every ingredient along with the reason for the ingredient. I can’t think of any other company that does that.

So over the past few months I’ve tried whatever Seventh Generation products that I’ve been able to get my hands on to bring better options into our home. Here are my thoughts on what I’ve tried so far.

Natural Dish Liquid- Free & Clear

I was first introduced to Seventh Generation was a bottle of free and clear liquid dish soap. Every night I wash Connor’s bottles and my breastpump parts. I was on the hut for a product that is natural and free of fragrances, as I don’t like his bottle smelling like lavender. I scanned the shelves of Walmart’s dish soap section looking for the words “free and clear” and my eyes finally landed on Seventh Generation. I liked what I read on the bottle so I added it to my cart.

When I got home I started the washing process. I was amazed how the bottle and parts were free of milk residue and were left without a scent. I also tried the dish soap on dishes and I was impressed with the results. That was over three months ago; I’ve been using the product ever since.

Laundry Detergent Packs in Citrus & Cedar Scent

I received a free 45 count bag of Seventh Generation laundry detergent packs in the citrus and cider scent from Seventh Generation’s product testing community, Generation Good. In return I was asked to give my honest opinion on the product.

I’m a fan of this product as it’s free of unnecessary fragrances, dyes and artificial brighteners. I usually choose free and clear detergent as Connor has sensitive skin, so I was a tad bit nervous to try a scented detergent. I was relieved to read that the citrus and cedar scents are not from chemical fragrances, but are from 100% essential oils and botanical extracts. I found the scent to be absolutely pleasant and not overpowering at all.

The mess free packet goes in with your laundry and then start the load, that’s all you have to do! Our clothes were left clean and looked great. Connor also hasn’t had an irritation from the detergent. I love that Seventh Generation tells you exactly what is in their products. Once we run out of our free bag I’ll be purchasing another one.

Free & Clear Baby Diapers

Unfortunately I am not totally in love with the diapers. I bought a pack for Connor recently as I love other Seventh Generation products, so why not? I do like that they are made for sensitive skin and free of bleaching chemicals and fragrances that are found in other diapers. While going through that pack we didn’t have an single issue with leakage, even overnight. Sadly we soon discovered that they do have a lack of airflow as Connor kept getting yeast infections while wearing them. Once we switched to another brand the infection went away. As much as I wanted to love the diapers I don’t see myself buying them again.

Free & Clear Baby Wipes

I am definitely in love with the free and clear wipes. I bought them along with the Seventh Generation diapers. I love that they are a large size wipe that made bottom cleanups must faster and more efficient. They also are hypoallergenic along with being free of fragrances, parabens and phthalates. I found them to also be very useful for cleaning Connor’s hands and face. These wipes have been our top choice since we first tried them!

I’m so excited to see what new products Seventh Generation will be rolling out in the following year. I’m hoping for more personal body products! I eventually want to replace all of my personal care items and cleaning product with the brand’s options.

If you’d like to join Seventh Generation’s community where you can try products for free, click here.


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