1st Birthday: Big Block SingSong Theme 

I am one tired and very accomplished mama! This past weekend we celebrated Connor’s first birthday. His actual birthday is Labor Day but we decided to throw his party a week early so everyone we wanted to be there could attend. A few months in advanced I asked my mom, Kelly, and sister, Julianna, to help me plan Connor’s party and help make the decorations. As easy as it would have been to buy decorations, Connor’s theme isn’t found in stores. His absolute favorite show is Big Block Singsong so it was an easy theme decision. It’s the only show he will watch and he starts his day a few episodes everyday. I’ll even admit that even though I’ve seen every song number hundreds of times, it’s still enjoyable for me! 

After family dinner one Sunday, Kelly, Julianna and I sat down and got a game plan together for planning Connor’s party. We looked at ideas on Pinterest and came up with ideas of our own. A week before the party we got together and spent hours crafting. The bonding time was much needed and we got a ton of work done. Julianna made Connor’s birthday outfit for us as well.

Grandma Kelly making a banner.
Auntie Julianna making Connor’s birthday outfit.
Connor’s birthday outifit. Photo by Julianna Klepfer

After hours of crafting all of the party decorations were done! On August 28th the big day arrived. My father-in-law and his wife graciously let us hold the celebration in their backyard. We were planning a turn out of over fourty party guests so it was the perfect space! 

Our homemade decorations looked fantastic and our outdoor BBQ birthday bash began. 

Birthday boy looking sharp!
Goodie Bags

After food and presents we had cupcakes and Connor had his smash cake. My friend Stephanie Leuenberger of Stephanie’s Sweets made all of the cupcakes and the smash cake. She does an incredible job so it was an easy choice hiring her for the order. 

Big Block Singsong smash cake
Connor wasn’t quite sure what to do when we set the cake in front of him. He pull off a few decorations and I showed him how to wreck the cake. He enjoyed destroying his cake and eating it by the handful. 

After all of our guests left Connor was worn out and ready for a nap. His first birthday party went perfectly. I can’t wait to see what this next year of Connor’s life brings us! 


5 thoughts on “1st Birthday: Big Block SingSong Theme 

  1. Such a good day. I love that lil baby boy!!!! And you. But that feels unprofessional in a blog comment. It’s like your mom is creeping on your stuff.

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  2. My son also loved Big Block Sing Songs (as do we) and we’re doing the same for his first birthday party. I now feel confident that I can make some decorations myself. Thank you for the motivation!

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