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Product Review: ALDI Little Journey VoxBox

As a new mom I enjoy trying the latest and greatest baby products on the market. I was thrilled when Influenster chose me to be one of the mamas who would receive the ALDI Little Journey VoxBox. I use to shop at ALDI years ago with my family, but I haven’t been back since. I recently had a location open near my home and I’ve been meaning to visit. Now that I’ve tried ALDI’s Little Journey line I have even more of a motivation to visit!

When I first saw the ALDI Little Journey VoxBox on the counter waiting for me to open it, I couldn’t wait to see what was inside! After laying Connor down for bed I opened the huge box. Inside was size 2 and a size 3 2-pack of diapers, baby wash, baby wipes, a squeezable pack of baby purée food, blueberry puffs, banana puffs, a formula coupon and a brochure showing all of the products the new line offers. 

Connor and I filmed our first YouTube video for the Blissfully Exhausted Mama channel of us opening and showing what was in the box. (Click here if you haven’t see it yet!) He seemed very interested in the banana puffs so we tired those first. I had my eye on the diapers! Over the past week we’ve tried everything out in our ALDI Little Journey VoxBox, here’s what I thought!

Little Journey Diapers- We received both sizes 2 and 3. Connor normally wears a size 4 in other brands but I tired the size 3 on him anyways. To my surprise the diaper fit perfectly! They are very stretchy and fit perfectly around his growing body. We tried the first diaper overnight for 12 hours and it passed the leak test with flying colors! He wore the second diaper during the day and had a dirty diaper while wearing it. Once again, no leaks. Unlike other brands, we didn’t have an issue with rashes or the tabs coming undone. I love how soft these diapers are and how high quality they feel. If you buy a pack for your baby I suggest going down a size as they run big. 

Little Journey baby wash- This baby wash is a perfect dupe for Johnson and Johnson head-to-toe baby wash. The smell and the color is extremely similar. I usually choose not to use Johnson and Johnson washes for Connor as they tend to dry his skin out faster, but I didn’t find this to be the case with the Little Journey baby wash. 

Little Journey baby wipes- I absolutely adore these wipes. They are very thick and cloth like. I cleaned up a diaper blowout that should have required at least 4 baby wipes, but with the Little Journey baby wipes it only took 2! These wipes are also great for cleaning your little one’s face and hands. 

Little Journey Banana Apple Apricot Rice baby food purée– I tend to not buy purée packs for Connor as he is very picky about purées. But for the cause I put him in his high chair and helped him squeeze a small amount out. To my surprise he enjoyed it and ate nearly half the pack! I really like that the baby food purée packs are USDA certified organic and that the lids screw back on. These are perfect to take with you on the go. 

Little Journey Blueberry Puffs & Banana Puffs– Connor seemed very interested in the puffs. He tried the banana flavor first and seemed to like the taste. Sadly he hasn’t showed too much interest in the blueberry flavor, but he’s picky about anything blueberry. The first time he tried the banana puffs he ate about 5-6. He usually doesn’t care for puffs but he liked these! I like that they are whole grain, they easily dissolve in your little one’s mouth and they are great for a baby who is learning to pick up food and feed themselves. 

Next week when we run out of diapers, I’m planning on heading to ALDI to pick up a pack. I’ve very pleased by all of the Little Journey products we have tried this far, I can’t wait to try it all! 

I received my ALDI Little Journey products complimentary from Influenster and am entering the Brand Challenge for a chance to win a prize.


25 thoughts on “Product Review: ALDI Little Journey VoxBox

  1. I’m pretty impressed with Aldi’s overall. The prices are so good I am always a little leery but there have been very few things I didn’t care for that I’ve tried. I am happy the diapers and wipes work…diapers are so expensive. And if you can get a few more months in the smaller sizes that’s awesome because the smaller sizes have a few more.

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  2. OK I just have to say OHHH MY GOSH your sweet is so so sooo cute! OK now let me focus … We just left the diaper stage (YAY PRAISE THE LORD lol) but I would loved to check this out. I will look into the puffs and the little food puree as my girlie still likes them. Thanks so much for sharing.

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  3. I love Aldi’s. I am definitely an Aldi’s girl. They have a surprisingly healthy and unique assortment at huge savings. I once tried the coupon thing and finally gave up when I figured out I can save more overall without them by shopping there.

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