Got It Free: A Guide to BzzAgent

As you probably already know, writing product reviews is a much loved hobby of mine. There’s just something about the fact that I can get a full size product for absolutely free just for giving my opinion! After hearing members of a product review group that I’m involved with rave about BzzAgent, I figured it was time to sign up and give it a try!

BzzAgent (That’s not a spelling error, the ‘U’ is left out on purpose!) is a group of reviews who give their opinions on products that are completely free; joining is free as well. When you receive a product from BzzAgent, all that they ask is that you give your completely honest opinion, positive or negative, about the product. The term “Bzz” refers to when their members, AKA BzzAgents, talk to others about products. If you think about it, it’s probably something that you already do on a daily basis. You might tell your mom about a certain spaghetti sauce brand you tried and loved, or you might mention to a co-worker that you are not impressed with the new bag of chocolate covered blueberries you had after dinner last night. If this is something you enjoy doing, I highly recommend joining BzzAgent. 

A few terms you’ll want to know:

Dashboard: Your main page that will show your BzzScore, active campaigns, and the latest bzz. 

 BzzCampaigns: When BzzAgent invites you to test a product. BzzAgent chooses who gets what campaigns based on your profile, survey answers and your BzzScore.

 BzzScore: A scale that reflects your level of participation in the last 365 days. The scale ranges from 0 to 10. Campaign activities, surveys, and how socially connected you are all affect your score. 

Latest Bzz: You can see what other BzzAgents are reviewing and their thoughts on the latest Bzz page. 

MyPoints: BzzAgents can earn points towards gift cards or other free perks though the MyPoints program. 

So, after you sign up for BzzAgent you’ll want to complete your profile to 100%. The more socially connected you are the better! During this time also sign up for MyPoints. I personally do not keep up with MyPoints but if you’d like to earn extra perks it’s worth signing up. 

An example of my dashboard.

You’ll also receive surveys that will give them an idea of who you are and what products you might like. Soon after signing up it may take a bit to get your first campaign offer, but once you complete the first BzzCampaign and more offers will start to roll in. So far I’ve received four campaigns in the two months I’ve been involved.

Once you start a campaign, you’ll get an invite that you’ll need to accept to participate. Once you have joined the campaign, you’ll get the information you’ll need about the product and BzzAgent will mail a Bzzkit to you. Campaigns typically take a week or two to go “live,” until then they want you to try the product and form an opinion. 

Campaign example.
Eventually when the campaign is live you’ll be able to start “bzzing.” BzzAgent will give you activities to complete and. They encourage you to do the best you can with the content you create. They use a grade-school like scale with four rankings to score your activities: exceptional, good, poor and rejected. You’ll want to at least get a good score on your activities but aim for exceptional. 

As you complete activities, your BzzScore will start to raise. The higher the score, the more likely you are to get another campaign. Make it count! You’ll wait to complete all of your activities before the campaign is over. Soon enough you’ll likely get an offer on your next campaign, you may even have more than one at a time. 

Remember, quality is much more desired than quantity. Use descriptive words and make BzzAgent feel like they are there during your experience. 

Once you sign up and experience BzzAgent, share your thoughts with me on the Blissfully Exhausted Mama Facebook page!


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