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6 Toddler Mama Must Haves

As of Labor Day, my baby is now a toddler! I no longer consider myself a “new” mama but I don’t consider myself an “expert” at parenting yet, but I’m on my way! During the first year I’ve tried numerous products that have been suggested to me and items I’ve tried out of curiosity. Here’s my list of 6 items any toddler mama should have handy. 

Deep in thought while eating pizza.

Fisher-Price Space Saver High Chair

($38.98 at Target)

When Connor was four months old, we went to my nephew’s birthday party held at my sister’s friend Molly’s house. While we were there Molly offered to let Connor sit in the high chair she had available. I told her that Connor isn’t old enough to sit up in it yet but she told me that the high chair is safe for a younger baby. She adjusted the seat to a reclining position and sure enough little Connor could comfortably recline and hang out with the group! It basically was love at first use for me. Oddly I waited until Connor was 11 months old to buy one for us. We now use the high chair multiple times a day! 

I love that this high chair offers three reclining positions and has a 5-point restraint system. I can easily use it on a chair (safety straps included to secure the seat on a chair) but I often use it on the floor. The seat is so compact that I can easily transport it to my parent’s house for family dinner. This high chair is safe for newborns to use and has a weight limit of 50 pounds so a preschooler can use it as a booster seat. 

Tight and cozy!

ErgoBaby Original Baby Carrier

($119.99 at Target)

I scored this carrier for $50 at a kids consignment shop in nearly new condition. After trying five different baby carriers, this was the one! I wish I would have found it when Connor was a newborn. I often would have issues wearing my big guy once he started to really gain weight. (He weighed 20 pounds by 6 months) I found myself having a sore back whenever I wore him. ErgoBaby was the answer to my problems; at one year old and almost 25 pounds I can wear him on my front or back with no issues. 

My favorite features of the ErgoBaby Original are that it has a built in sleeping hood that helps support Connor’s head when napping or can offer privacy when nursing while baby wearing. I also am a fan of the pocket in the front; I can easily put my keys and wallet in the storage pocket so I can be out and about without a purse. I’m able to adjust the carrier with ease by myself. 

The First Years Take and Toss Spill-Proof Sippy Cups (4 Pack)

($2.38 on Amazon)

After going though four Sippy cup brands I was frustrated that we haven’t found one that Connor could easily use. A friend of mine suggested trying the cheap take and toss cups. After buying a pack at the grocery store I gave Connor one of the cups to see how he liked it. Sure enough he had no problems getting a drink! When he has his own cup during the day I can confidently know that the cup won’t leak all over the carpet like other brands we’ve tried. 

The fact that the take and toss cups are so cheap and simple to use make me a fan. I also am glad that if we lose one, it’s not a big deal as a $5 sippy cup would be. I find them to be so simple to clean because there are just two pieces and there isn’t a valve to scrub at. The lids are also interchangeable with other Toss and Go cups. 

Fantastic photo from

Fridababy NoseFrida Nasal Aspirator

($15.19 at Target)

I was absolutely disgusted and freaked out by the NoseFrida when I first heard about it. What if you get boogies in your mouth? The thought of sucking snot out of my Connor’s nose with a tube was out of the question for me until he had a horrible stuffy nose. Our bulb nasal aspirator just wasn’t cutting it. I eventually caved and bought the NoseFrida. As I prepared myself to be grossed out, I cleared my son’s nose out in just two sucks. As repulsive as this product sounds, it truly is a godsend. 

The NoseFrida is very simple to clean and it’s clear, unlike the basic bulb aspirator. Unless you skip the filter, it would be nearly impossible to get any snot in your mouth while using it. This product is absolutely superior to a bulb aspirator and a must have for any mama. 

Makes an entertaining toy as well!

Munchkin Formula Dispenser

($3.44 at Target)

While I was supplementing Connor with formula, I found this product so easy to use for storing measured out formula powder. The container has three sections and a very tight lid that stays on extremely well. When you’re ready to use mix formula, just pop the pour spout open and shake it into a bottle. Now that we no longer supplement I find it great to keep puffs or Goldfish snacks in for on the go! It keeps the snacks from getting stale or from getting crushed in your bag. 

This dispenser is dishwasher safe and easy to take apart to clean. The flexible seal on the lid keeps formula powder securely in each section. 

We love Sophie!
Sophie la Girafe Teether

($24.99 at buybuy BABY)

I know what your thinking, “What kind of teething toy is TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS?!” I thought the same thing. A few months back after restless nights and lots of tears from teething pain, Connor and I tried everything- cold cloths, ice cubes, cold teethers, gels- nothing was helping. Using Amazon giftcards I earned through Crowdtap, I bought Sophie. To my surprise this incredible teething toy really helps. She has so many parts that offer different places to chew on- Connor loves her ears. 

This French toy is made of natural rubber and food-quality paint. Sophie has a squeaker sound that gets your little one’s attention. She’s very easy to wash and very durable. 


18 thoughts on “6 Toddler Mama Must Haves

  1. Yes! These are all great suggestions. We have used 3 of these 6 items with much success. We loved the Fisher Price chair, the Ergobaby, and Sophie! They saved us many times. We have them stored just in case we have another baby because they are must have items for us.

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