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Rolling In Style 

Before I became a mother, I always said I would never drive a minivan. If I had a large family in the future, I’d settle for a SUV with an extra row, but you’d never see me rolling around in a soccer mom van. In May 2015, that philosophy was forced to change. 

My Mother-in-law decided to lease a brand new vehicle and no longer needed her minivan. She offered to sell it to my husband and I for a price that we couldn’t pass up. Adam and I were expecting our first child together in September and at the time I was rocking a two door Alero. As much as I loved that car, I needed something dependable that I could easily get the baby in and out of. We made the final decision and we were the proud owners of a minivan. 

My friends, I don’t think minivans get ENOUGH credit. Not only do I feel safer in this bigger vehicle, the driver seat is spacious and very comfortable. I love that when we upgrade Connor to a bigger car seat, we can buy literally any car seat and it can correctly fit in the van. I have fancy stow n’ go seats that I easily can fold down myself and make room to fit furniture or whatever else I find on Facebook Swap groups to buy. I have plenty of room to keep my stroller in the trunk and space to fit many bags of groceries. 

Rolling in style!

I also really fit the stereotype of a minivan mom. You’ll see Connor and I rolling into Target with an awesome “BABY ON BOARD” sign in the back window. And of course I’ll be sipping on a grande iced triple shot pumpkin spiced latte. But don’t let my looks fool you- I drive the speed limit. 

Even men can get in on the #MinivanLife.

All jokes (well, truths) aside, the most important part of being a van owner is knowing that Connor is safe. His car seat is installed with plenty of room around it. He has a vent right above him so during the hot summer days he’s able to stay cool. My child being comfortable and safe gives me a piece of mind. 

Safe and happy!

If you ever consider switching to the #MinivanLife, I say go for it. You just might accept and embrace the stereotype that rolling in a minivan will bring. 


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