Dear Former Best Friend

Dear former best friend,

It’s been nearly three years since we’ve last talked. How odd is it to go from having someone in your life every single day to suddenly not at all? Once in a while I see something that reminds me of you and I start to miss you. I’ve written a message to you on Facebook Messenger before just to ask and to see how you are, but I always end up deleting it. Opening that door probably isn’t worth the potential rejection. 

I think back to 2009 when I first met you. I can’t pinpoint the exact moment but I believe it was in the high school cafeteria. I remember hearing about the outgoing water girl and noticed you were always so bubbly and never without a smile. Starting a friendship with you was effortless. Still to this day I’ve never had a friendship with anyone else like what I had with you. 

I remember when I was going through the worst relationship of my life. You were there for all of it. I always had a shoulder to cry on and that person who was my biggest supporter. When our boyfriends ditched us the night of my eighteenth birthday, you made the day so much better by being there for me. I always laugh at our “do something crazy” moment of going skinny dipping in our apartment pool that night. Our hearts raced at the fear of being caught- yet we succeeded! 

Through the next few years we really lived out the crazy times together. I enjoyed being roommates. I remember the bliss we felt when we moved into our first apartment together. We didn’t have much of anything to call our own but we made the best of it. I fondly think back to mornings we’d have get togethers that would involve playing Apples to Apples and you cooking everyone a tasty breakfast. I loved the times spent watching the same few movies we owned over and over again. 

You were there for me through many crucial moments; buying my first and second car, job changes, through heartbreaks and tribulations life brought. I think back fondly to the fun we had working at the casino and Arby’s. It’s safe to say that even though we often spent the entire day together, we always remained the best of friends. 

I’m not quite sure where things went wrong, but suddenly we drifted apart. I’d hear from you less and less, your replies to my texts were rare. The breaking point was when my grandpa passed away, my heart was shattered and one of the people I needed to be there for me wasn’t there. That’s when I knew that you weren’t around for me anymore. Yes, I could have kept trying but unfortunately I have a habit of cutting people off from me without as much as an explanation. I understand that we have our own lives but I felt pushed out. 

Three years later I do occasionally wonder how you are. I’ve immensely grown as a person into a loving wife and a proud mother, I wonder where life has taken you. I do think that everything happens for a reason and that chapter in the book of life is permanently closed for us. I do want to thank you for being there during those years. I question how we made it through, but I am thankful that I had you. My former best friend, I do wish the best for you in life.



2 thoughts on “Dear Former Best Friend

  1. Well, said. I have some past best friends that have just slipped away, too. Maybe the older you get, the more you collect. Friends leave a lingering set of fingerprints on our lives. Doing life with someone, in a unique season, is sometimes the only way we can get through those. But circumstances change, and so do people. I think that’s why I hate it when people leave churches. More than once I’ve hugged a friend, (not as close as what you had, but a good friend, someone I really bonded with) who is leaving and we promise to keep in touch. And life gets in the way and the contact just fades and soon, there is no longer a friendship, just memories.

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  2. Wow, this really struck a cord with me. I have had a very similar experience with my former best friend. One major life event she wasn’t there and the writing was on the wall. I would also have moments where I wanted to reach out, then followed a flood of emotions.
    But after some years past I decided to do it, I reached back out. I felt God was telling me there was a reason I needed too. We now talk but we don’t have anything close to what we had. We’ve both changed so much as people and within our families. But, just as you said- there is still gratitude for the experiences we had during that time of life. Thank you for your heartfelt share 🙂


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