Product Review: Complete the Look with Stride Rite!

When your little one starts to walk, having shoes that fit their feet perfectly is extremely important. You can’t just buy any cute pair of shoes though. You’ll want a pair that is lightweight and easy for them to walk in. Connor started to walk one week before he turned 11 months old. I knew that now he was taking steps, he would need shoes that he could easily walk in. Before that I’d buy a pair of shoes that just served the purpose of covering his feet but offered no support. I ended up getting him a pair of sneakers that I liked. Once we were home I had him try them on, but every time he tried to take a step, he’d struggle like his feet were too heavy. I wasn’t sure where to go from here, but I knew I needed to do better research on shoes. Thankfully Stride Rite came to the rescue! 

Stride Rite Mission Guide from BzzAgent

Through a BzzAgent mission, I received a packet from Stride Rite with information on their shoes and how to find the right size, coupons to give to friends and a code for a free pair of Stride Rite shoes. I quickly went online and found the perfect Soft Motion shoes for Connor, a pair of black sneakers. 

Stride Rite Soft Motion Barnes Sneaker
Coincidentally, a few days later my Mother-in-law and I went to a department store and picked out a pair of shoes as a birthday gift for Connor. I compared different brands, and Stride Rite was exactly what I wanted for him. We ended up picking a gray suede pair and I put them on Connor. Not only did they fit perfect, he seemed totally thrilled to be wearing shoes. Once we got home I had him try to walk in them. It took him a few times to get use to the feel of walking with shoes, but he quickly caught on! 

Stride Rite Soft Motion Kellen

A few days later we received his free black Stride Rite sneakers. I was able to put them on Connor’s feet quickly and with the easily adjustable Velcro strap, I attached them to his feet with just the right amount of tightness. I couldn’t help but notice the soles were rounded and super flexible, yet sturdy. When I took his shoes off later, I noticed that they had memory foam in the foot beds! I’m in awe of how much thought is put into a pair of Stride Rite shoes. 

Connor wearing Stride Rite Soft Motion Kellen

As Connor is getting bigger, he’s starting to figure out how to run. I can’t wait to see him chasing after his brother. Thanks to Stride Rite, I know that his feet are being supported with the best quality shoes. 


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