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Saving with Kids Consignment Shops

Have you ever gone into a cute kids boutique at the mall to buy clothes for your little one, only to turn back around and walk out after seeing that cute cardigan for a 9 month old is $39.99? I rarely spend that much money on clothes for myself! Then when Connor was a few months old, I discovered a solution to the expensive baby clothes problem: Kids Consignment stores!

Kid To Kid, Omaha, Nebraska

I’ve never been a big fan of consignment stores in general; the stores tend to feel dingy and like I need to scrub my hands clean after I leave. I noticed on Facebook an ad for a local consignment store, Bigwheels 2 Butterflies. I figured it couldn’t hurt to check it out! I loaded up my then three month old son and headed to the nearest location. I strapped Connor in baby carrier and walked in. From wall to wall and floor to ceiling, the store was packed with items! I started at the 0-9 month boys rack and couldn’t believe what I was seeing: Baby Gap sweaters for $4, Carter’s footie pajamas for only $2. Most of the items I saw looked barely worn or brand new. This particular store carries everything you could need for your little one: toys, books, bottles and so much more. I was in awe of the amount of items I found with the original tag still on it. After this first trip I was in love! I felt like a kid in a candy store. 

Kid To Kid, Omaha, Nebraska

I soon branched out kids consignment stores. I thought I’ve already witnessed, but then I stumbled across Kid to Kid while driving around looking for another store. Out of all the consignment stores I’ve been to, Kid to Kid is by far the best. I feel like I’m shopping at a regular kids store. I’ve found and seen many trendy brands such as Converse, Gymboree and Carter’s at this location. This particular store chain also carries brand new Melissa and Doug toys at close to half the retail price. I’ve also seen popular toys at half the cost in nearly new condition. 

Many kids consignment stores will buy from you as well. I’ve sold clothes at both Kid to Kid and Bigwheels 2 Butterflies and I’ve gotten a decent amount back. 

Recent finds from Bigwheels 2 Butterflies
Both stores also offer store credit so you can get more to spend when selling, but you can still get cash back instead. Right before each season changes I like to bag up what clothing items Connor has outgrown and taken them in to get appraised. In the past 9 months I’ve made nearly $100 going this route. 

The best shopping buddy!

If you’re looking to save while updating your child’s wardrobe I recommend looking up what kids consignment stores are in your area! 


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