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Taking Care Of Yourself 

I wear many hats. I’m first a wife who keeps the house clean and makes sure my husband is fed and taken care of. Next I’m a mother. I spend most of my day chasing after our one year old. I’m also a source of food; our son is exclusively breastfed. I also hold down a part time job. Lastly I spend time working on my blog. As you can imagine, I am one exhausted mama. Unfortunately running around from 330am to 930pm can really take a toll on a person. I often forget this very important life tip: To take care of others, you need to take care of yourself first. 

Im a natural people pleaser. I always put my family above myself. As my happiness has constantly been put on the back burner, I’ve slowly began to feel consistently stressed out and over exhausted. After a year of living my life like this, I knew something had to change. It took one fantastic therapist to get me back on the right track. One of her suggestions really stood out to me and it makes total sense: Take time for yourself. Sounds so simple right? As stubborn as I am, I kept making excuses to do this for myself. After a final mental push, I made plans on a Tuesday afternoon to go to Starbucks for a few hours to enjoy a latte and get a few blog posts finished. 

Even though Connor was home with my husband, I kept feeling a tinge of guilt leaving my hard working husband alone with our rambunctious toddler. But that suggestion kept coming back to me, to take care of others, you need to take care of yourself first. I took a deep breath and tried not to think about my son while getting work done. Thankfully my alone time really left me feeling relaxed and a little less stressed. When I came home both Adam and Connor were absolutely fine. 

I’ve continued to make my alone time a weekly event. Even if its just for an hour of doing something I enjoy alone, I end up feeling recharged. If you’re a parent I recommend doing this for yourself. Even if you can only have alone time once a month- this is important for your well being. 

Need ideas of what to do?

-Walk around your favorite lake while listening to music 

-Get a massage 

-Go to Target

-Go to a park and read a book 

-Run errands without a child in tow 

-Meet with a friend for a childless coffee date

The ideas are endless, just remember: Take care of yourself. 


30 thoughts on “Taking Care Of Yourself 

  1. With all that you have on your plate you definitely need alone time and don’t feel guilty for it either!! You’re so right that you need to take care of yourself first before you can take care of others! I can’t imagine that you run from 3:30 am to 9:30 pm – you must be utterly exhausted!!

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  2. I’m getting so much better at this. I have been to a paint night and joined a book club for the first time. I have been home for the last 6 years with my 2 youngest children. It’s funny that now I have gotten to the point of seeking socialization.

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  3. I am exactly on the brink of a mom burn out and really need a break you are describing! That’s the thing though, I feel guilty because hubby works long hours and he is tired too, so most of the times I just put it off and NEVER get to be alone without the kids! I’m just so exhausted.


  4. “To take care of others, you need to take care of yourself first.” This is SO true. Especially for those of us who wear so many hats… It’s exhausting!


  5. I completely understand! I am married with four children, so I have to take time to myself or I feel overwhelmed and stressed. Taking care of yourself is very important, especially as a wife and mom! Great tips!

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  6. Taking care of yourself is a definite must. When you forget to do that, it becomes harder and harder to take care of others around you. Great post !


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