Got It Free: A Guide To Crowdtap

How would you like to share your opinions with brands and your social media followers? Would you be open to getting Amazon giftcards and free products in return for your time? If you said yes to both questions, Crowdtap is the perfect freebie site for you!

Crowdtap is a top growing marketing company that helps brands get the word out about their products to its members. In return members share thoughts and opinions with the brands and with their social media followers. Crowdtap has ties with many top brands: Tide, Advil, Jif; just to name a few. The site is somewhat different from other freebie opportunities; You’ll have to put a bit of work in and be willing to share on Facebook or Twitter often. 

Terms to know:

Dashboard: From here you will see all of the available missions and brands. 

Dashboard. Notice all of your brands are towards the top.

Crowd: To get samples or do missions for a brand, you have to join their crowd. It simple to join; all you’ll be asked to do is take a questionnaire on your current thoughts and opinions on the brand. 

A task that you do to earn points. The different missions are: voting in a poll, sharing a picture, sharing a link on social media, sharing opinions in a discussion or completing a sample mission. Each mission is worth anywhere from 2 points to a 50+ points.

Photo mission example.
Social media share mission example.

Samples: You’ll have the opportunity to apply for samples. These samples could be a trial size or a full size product. Not everyone who applies gets to sample, so make sure your application is the best it can be!

To earn a $5 Amazon gift card, you have to earn points from missions. The increments are different, but as you level up you’ll have to earn anywhere from 500 to 1000 points to earn a gift card. Once you’ve reached your point goal, Crowdtap emails you an Amazon gift card code in 1-3 days. In the five months ive been on Crowdtap, I’ve earned $100 in gift cards.
When you complete missions, quality is so important when sharing your opinion! When you give better answers to questions, you’re more likely to get into more sample missions.

I joined Crowdtap in May and I’ve received six sample missions and I have three more that will be arriving in the next month. For the most part I’ve received full size products, such as a pair of Amope Insoles and a full size bottle of Silk Nutchello. I’ve learned so much about brands that I use every day and about brands I probably wouldn’t have considered in the past. If you enjoy influencing others while exploring brands, give Crowdtap a try. 


32 thoughts on “Got It Free: A Guide To Crowdtap

  1. This is amazing! I love freebies and writing reviews and commenting on products! AND there’s an Amazon Gift Card!? Sign me UP! Thanks for this!


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