5 Reasons To Trust A Professional Photographer With Your Baby’s Newborn Pictures

Moments after your child is born, you’ll be in awe of the beautiful, fragile baby your body grew. As much as you’ll love the newborn stage, they grow and change very quickly. To preserve the memory of this short stage in their life, getting newborn pictures done by a professional photographer is worth every penny. 

The photographer’s eye is trained to catch details you may not think of. 

Your photographer probably has done many newborn shoots, so they know what to look for. While you’ll watch your baby sleeping in various poses, your photographer will be remembering to photograph the little details about your baby. They will catch shots of their itty bitty fingers or the perfect cupid’s bow above their lip that change quickly as they grow. 

The photographer will catch priceless moments. 

As you are getting in different poses or waiting for a picture to be taken, your baby can be unpredictable. One of my favorite picture from our newborn shoot is myself stand while holding Connor. Right when our photographer was about ready to snap, Connor decided this was a great moment to relieve himself and proceeded to poop all down my shirt. Both the photographer and I were cracking up and she caught the entire moment on camera. As gross as it was, I’m glad this priceless new mama moment was caught on camera. 

The newborn stage is so short, you’ll want pictures to remember the stage by. 

During the blissful haze of being a new mom, you may not remember to snap detail catching pictures of your child. Connor went from being a tiny newborn who slept a majority of the time, to a rolling, smiley chunk a few months later. My memory isn’t the greatest of the this exhausting time, but I have a album full of this precious stage. 

Your child is very easy to photograph at this stage.

As a newborn, your baby will tend to sleep most of the session and you can easily curl them up into positions similar to the positions they were in while in the womb. You’ll be able to put your child in ridiculously cute bear costume or pose them in positions they wouldn’t let you do when they are even just a few weekend older and more active. My favorite has to be the baby in a basket picture. If Connor would have been a month or two older, he definitely wouldn’t have let those pictures happen! 

You’ll have the best quality photos from this moment. 

Its not easy to replicate the quality of a photo that a professional photographer takes and edits. You’ll have absolutely gorgeous shots of your little one that you can look back and treasure forever. 


23 thoughts on “5 Reasons To Trust A Professional Photographer With Your Baby’s Newborn Pictures

  1. Such wonderful pictures!! I love the poopie picture; certainly unexpected but funny! I totally agree having a professional photographer to capture the beauty of a new born are definitely a priceless emotional/sentimental investment!


  2. It is wonderful to capture these moments by camera as life is so short and you don’t want to look back when they are finishing college wishing you had pics of them as babies! Great photos and sound advice on trusting the photographer to do his/her job.


  3. Beautiful photos! I love taking photos of my children. It is part of the reason why I got into photography, so I could capture precious moments of them. I agree, it is good to get photos of your baby because they grow so fast and are not little for long!


  4. Those pictures are so adorable! For sure these moments go by so fast, so it’s best to capture them. Professional photographers know just what to say or do to create those moments.


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