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Featured Blog: My Joyful Broken Heart

Being a blogger I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many new blogger friends and reading other’s work. One of the most influential bloggers I know just happens to be my sister, Julianna! 

Julianna is one of the most beautiful souls I know. She’s has the biggest heart and truly cares about the people in her life. Her day to day life is pretty fascinating. As an adoptive mom of three kids, she’s also a foster mom. While the kids are at school, she spends her mornings roasting coffee for an amazing local coffee shop. Did I mention she’s also a world traveler? Most recently she visited Portland! 

At 27, Julianna unselfishly took on the roll of bringing foster kids into her home. This past May she adopted three of foster kids, making me one proud aunt! She also began her blog this year, documenting her experiences as a mom in the foster care system. 

Most recently she blogged about an experience with a foster baby she had for a week. This post brought me to tears. I promise you though, she has posts that make me smile as well. 

If you’re looking to get an insight on the world of foster care or the life of a mama of three, Check her out blog, My Joyful Broken Heart! 


26 thoughts on “Featured Blog: My Joyful Broken Heart

  1. Your sister is amazing! The photographs are very beautiful, too! One of my close friends works as an adoption counselor. I have learned so much about adoption from her and how it brings families together. Such a beautiful story!


  2. I really admire people who open their heart and their house to become foster parents. I don’t feel ready for such a commitment, but maybe one day!


  3. I love this blog so much! It’s sooo true, I love this life every day as a Momma to 4 boys whom were either once in or are still in foster care. She has such a beautiful heart. I e been trying to comment on her posts but it’s not letting me.

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