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Farewell November, Welcome December

Hello my friends, I hope this past month has brought joy and full bellies with the holiday. I’m so excited for the holiday season and to see what this month will bring to my family.

Personal life:

I’m going to get really personal for a second. This past month has brought enormous life changes for my little family. After reflecting on the very poor choices made my by husband of 2.5 years, I’ve decided to end my marriage. I’m absolutely devastated.  In the end we do have a 14 month old son together.  I am hoping and praying for a the process to be fast. I have hopes of a great co-parenting relationship. I’m heartbroken that my precious stepson Brayden will no longer be in my life, and I pray that both of his parents, especially his mother, make more mature decisions.

Connor and I have moved into my parent’s home, where we are loved and welcomed with open arms. It’s quite an adjustment for both of us but we are surrounded by love and support. Connor is enjoying seeing grandma and grandpa everyday and seeing his aunt and cousins often. I’m staying at my job with Starbucks and I’m hoping to grow in my postion. I have a great support system of co-workers and friends at work, and I’m so thankful to have them.

Adjusting to life as a single mother has been exhausting, but then again this is just the beginning. I’m feeling opptimistic about this opportunity to start my life over again, with my beautiful son by my side.

Free samples I’ve recieved for review:

Seventh Generation Healthy Baby Home Party Kit

truBLEND contour palette-  COVERGIRL Insiders

Orajel Cold Sore Treatment- Smiley 360

Sample Source Variety Box

I’ve also won numerous contests on Instagram, head to my page to check my prizes out!


I have EXCEEDED my goals! Traffic wise I’ve reached over 1,400 page views and 569 unique visitors.

My top three posts were:

Featured Blog: My Joyful Broken Heart

Flawless VoxBox Review

5 Things To Remember When Dealing With a Toxic Person

Plans for December:

Personally, I’m in love with the holiday season! I’m so excited to spend the holidays with Connor and my family. 

Blogwise, I’m planning a few product review! I have some items on the way to review and I can’t wait to try everything out. 

Have a great rest of the year readers! 

What are your plans for December? 


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