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Seventh Generation Healthy Baby Home Party

Have you tried Seventh Generation products? I have and I ABSOLUTELY love the brand. I adore how amazing the products work and I admire how the company cares for their customers and the environment. (If you haven’t read my Seventh Generation post, head here!) I was asked by Seventh Generation to host a Healthy Baby Home Party, where I would get a few friends and family members with little ones together to discuss baby products, along with tips on making your home a more healthy home.

Seventh Generation send me a huge box full of free products! Included were supplies for the party, along samples and coupons to share and prizes. I was most thrilled to try out the new coconut care line lotions samples. I love anything with coconut oil and this lotion was exactly what I was looking for!

After inviting a group over, our party began. We started off by watching this video by Healthy Child Healthy World, ” Wake Up Story.”

 I’ll admit that I teared up the first time I watched this video. It truly was a wake up call for me as a person and a mother, and others at the party felt the same. How did we get from a simple, Earth friendly environment, to a time where pesticides and chemicals are around every corner and in the air we breathe?

Sadly we live in a time where the everyday products we use at home are filled with hidden ingredients. Did you know that the term “fragrance” in a cleaning product can refer to a mix of any 3,000 chemicals? These chemicals put us and our families at risk for asthma and respiratory issues. Seventh Generation has called for all companies that produce cleaning products to “come clean” and share every single ingredient that is in the product.

After discussing the video and the Come Clean movement, our group played a game of healthy home bingo, where while having fun playing a game, we read about different tips for a healthy home. Each party goer won a prize! My kit came with wonderful prizes: The whole Coconut Care line, A Bobble Bottle, a pack of Seventh Generation diapers and a pack of Seventh Generation baby wipes.

At the end of the party I sent a Seventh Generation Starter kit that included a Seventh Generation baby wipe sample, a Coconut Care line sample, a Seventh Generation laundry detergent sample, and coupons for Seventh Generation products, Stony Field yogurt coupons and a Bobble coupon. We also shared snacked such as Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies, which was a hit with the little ones.

I am so thrilled with how my Healthy Baby Home Party turned out! Not only did we have a blast, we discussed important topics that affect each and every one of us. I highly recommend watching the video about and getting involved with the Seventh Generation community at


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