Month Summary

Starting Fresh In January

Happy New Year readers! I hope that you had a fantastic holiday and spent time with friends and family! I’m thrilled to start a new year, as I have so much I want to accomplish.

Personal Life:

Connor and I had a wonderful Christmas. It was so much fun to watch him attempt to open presents and see him interact with his many cousins. He received many awesome toys that will keep him occupied. My absolute favorite gift he received was a Melissa & Doug Wooden Brew & Serve Coffee Play set. Connor loves to pretend to make coffee and sip out of the mugs.

Christmas Day was a big adjustment for me. Connor spent the afternoon and evening with his father. Having my son away from me most of the day  was really rough on me, but I tried to not let it bring my spirits down. In my month of being a single mom, this day was the hardest on me. I was so happy and was nearly brought to tears when he was dropped off later that night.

As I’m navigating life as a single mom, I’ve decided that 2017 will be the year that I make big strides to better Connor and I’s future. I’ve decided to enroll in a nearby community college to get my associates degree. I’m nervous yet determined to get a degree and put my little family in a better place.

December Prizes & Freebies:

I’ve been so busy with the holidays and settling into my new place that I haven’t applied for many sample during December, but I did win a few awesome prizes!

I won a Nebraska Cornhuskers child’s recliner on Facebook from a local furniture store, 7 Day Furniture. I’m a huge Nebraska  fan so this chair was perfect for Connor! He’s not keen on relaxing in his chair but I’m excited to have it as he gets older.

I also won a contest on Instgram on the Green Pinata Toys page, where I won a 2 month subscription to Green Pinata toys and a box full of toys from PlanToys. We’ve received our first box from Green Pinata and I’m very impressed with what we got. Our box of toys from PlanToys will be on it’s way soon.

The only samples I’ve received this month is the L’Oreal EverPure Volume VoxBox from Influenster and full size Robitussin samples from Crowdtap.


Traffic wise I hit nearly 1,100 views and I had 508 unique visitors.

My top three posts were:

Seventh Generation Healthy Baby Home Party

Love At First Sight: A Foster Aunt’s Experience

Embracing Changes

Love At First Sight is a near and dear post to me, as it’s about my foster and adopted nieces and nephews. If you haven’t read it, please check it out!

Blog Goals For January:

I’d like to get back to posting twice a week, if not more. I’m trying to find that balance of getting everything I need to get done daily and blogging as I’m able to. I’m not quite sure what I’d like to blog about, I’m just going to go with the flow.

Personal goals for January:

Late December I decided to jump back into taking care of my health. I joined Planet Fitness and I’m very impressed with the gym! I try to go daily and I love the feeling of having a heart pumping workout.

I also am going to be working towards getting everything set up so I’ll be able to go back to school. I have a feeling I’ll be very busy the next two years, but in the end its all worth it!

I hope that you have a fantastic month, thanks for checking in! 


One thought on “Starting Fresh In January

  1. Yes, you will be busy but you have your family and a great support system to help! I finished my degrees with kids and consistently tell mine to go to college before family because it is so hard. Mr.Connor made out well fo Christmas with his chair and toys. Good luck to you on your fitness journey.

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