5 Starbucks Barista Creations You Must Try

I absolutely love my job as a Starbucks barista. My favorite part of my shift is handcrafting beverages. I especially enjoy coming to work at 4:30AM to get the store ready for open, and making my own latte. Some coffee drinkers prefer the same drink every single time they stop by Starbucks, but I like to switch it up. Here’s a list of my top five specialty drinks, give them a try!

Strawberry Matcha Smoothie

What is it: A strawberry and banana fruit smoothie made with coconut milk, protein, matcha green tea and vanilla bean.

Why I like it: I absolutely love Starbucks smoothies! The matcha meshes well with the strawberry and the vanilla bean adds the right amount of sweetness.

How to order: Request a Strawberry Smoothie with coconut milk, a few scoops of Matcha Green Tea and a few scoops of Vanilla Bean powder.

Snickerdoodle latte

What is it: A latte made with espresso, milk, White Mocha, and Cinnamon Dolce.

Why I like it: Snickerdoodle cookies are a favorite of mine! Having one in a form of a drink is even better. Starbucks recently released a Snickerdoodle Hot Chocolate, but this is a drink I’ve been making for a year.

How to order: Ask for a Cinnamon Dolce latte and add White Mocha. I personally do half of each flavor so the sweetness isn’t too over powering.

Holiday Delight Latte

What is it: A latte made with espresso, milk, White Mocha, Pumpkin Spice and Gingerbread syrup. 

Why I like it: This is the perfect beverage if you are still hooked on PSL but want something different! You may have to rush in to get this drink, as seasonal flavors are limited time only.

How to order: Ask for a White Mocha latte, and add Pumpkin Spice and Gingerbread. I suggest doing 1-2 pumps of each flavor depending on the drink size.

Green Coconut frappuccino

What is it: a blended cold beverage with Matcha Green Tea, coconut milk, creme base, protein powder and Vanilla syrup.

Why I like it: Sometimes I just need a break from anything coffee. This pleases my craving with its sweetness and the natural caffeine in matcha green tea.

How to order: Order a Green Tea Frappuccino with coconut milk, add a scoop of protein powder and a few pumps of Vanilla syrup.

Butterbar Latte

What is it: a latte made of espresso, milk, White Mocha, Smoked Butterscotch and a pump of Vanilla syrup. 

Why I like it: Smoked Butterscotch is my ABSOLUTE favorite flavor at Starbucks! This drink is perfect if you have a serious sweet tooth. Try it soon though, Smoked Butterscotch won’t be around for long!

How to order: Ask for a Smoked Butterscotch latte with half Smoked Butterscotch and half White Mocha and add a pump of Vanilla syrup. 


What is your favorite drink order at Starbucks? 


This post is in no way sponsored by Starbucks, I’m just a barista who enjoys her job. 






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