Featured Blog: Scrambled Dregs

I’ve had the pleasure of watching my mother, Kelly Klepfer, start blogging and turn it into more than a just a hobby. I’ve also had the front seat to watching  her transform from a blogger to a published author. As a wife and a mother to three adult kids and two beagles, Kelly has many stories to tell.

Last year Kelly and her co-author published their first book, Out Of The Frying Pana hilarious tale of two sisters who stumble across a murder scene in their retirement community. They attempt to track down the killer, but get into more than they bargained for. If you’re interested in what life is like as an author and what it’s like going on a book tour, check out her recent posts like this one, where she goes to a tea party. 

Also on Scrambled Dregs, you’ll find enticing book reviews and recipes that you must try. If you have any interest in cooking vegan, Scrambled Dregs offers unique and delicious recipes, such as a Quinoa Thai Salad. If you like to read book reviews before you buy, head on over to Novel Reviews to check out her reviews. 

I may be a little bias, but my mother is one of the most fabulous people alive. In person and writing, she often has me laughing so hard that I cry. Not only is she an incredible mother, she’s an awesome grandma. 

If you’re looking for a new blog to laugh along with and provoke deep thought, head on over to Scrambled Dregs. 


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