5 Items In My Cart In January

I know I’m not the only mama out there to say this, but MAN I love online shopping! I especially love that through Instagram, I can quickly and easily purchase items that I need. Okay, they are more of a want, but come on- I’m a hard working mama, I deserve a little retail therapy! Here are five items that have made it into my shopping cart.


Personalized Mini Bar Necklace, $16.90 at Earrings Nation

I’ve never been much of a necklace gal but I couldn’t resist these cute, hand stamped necklaces. After seeing one of Earring Nation’s necklaces on Instagram, I couldn’t resist ordering my own with Connor’s name on a Rhodium plate. It’s a steal at only $16.90, I can’t wait for it to arrive! (Don’t worry, I’ll post it on my Instagram as soon as it arrives!)



Big Bad Mama Llama/Baby Llama Matching Tees Mommy and Me, Starting at $40.00 at Spill The Beans Etc

Before I had Connor, I thought that matchy match outfits were only for moms with girls. Thankfully I found that to not be true! As someone who loves llamas and loves her boy, this matching set would be perfect for my little llama and I.


Deluxe Campfire Playset, Classic Neon $189.50 at Nixi Lauroo

Okay, to be honest I’ll probably never buy this as it’s totally not in my budget price range, but seriously, look at it! The marshmallows are MAGNETIC. This would be perfect with a play tent in Connor’s room. I can dream…



End Scene White Marble Phone Case, $19.99 at Target

After dropping my phone about 15 feet from the upstairs of our house down onto tile floor, its time to upgrade my broken case to something new and sleek. My iPhone looks and feels new with this gorgeous case protecting it! The case is also in two parts, a bumper and the hard case, which goes on easily.



Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner, $35.95 at Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics 

After a friend and my Secret Santa gifted me Lush products, I’ve become hooked! Ro’s Argan body conditioner is perfect for those who need to moisturize, but don’t love the sticky feel lotion leaves. After you rinse off your shower gel, rub on Ro’s Argan and rinse; you’ll be left with soft and smooth skin that will love you back.


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