22 Ways To Feel Better Instantly

The cold, wintery months can easily bring your down. Even though the gray skies can be gorgeous, your mood can be affected. Don’t lose hope though! Check out my list for 22 ways that can INSTANTLY make you feel better.

  1. Write a list of the good things in your life. Do you have a best friend that is always there for you or a car that runs? Reflect on your list after it’s done.
  2. Look up #Inspire on Instagram. Scroll through and check out what others find to be inspiring, it may cheer you up.
  3. Have a movie marathon. Pick out a few of your favorite comedies and stay in for the night. Get a big bowl of popcorn and keep your phone off.
  4. Spend time at the pet store. Go say hello to every whiskered or scaly animal you see. Kudos to you if you leave the store without a new pet!
  5. Start a positivity board on Pinterest. Pin whatever makes you smile: puppies, quotes- make it yours.
  6. Head to the park with a good book. Find a comfortable spot under a tree and get lost in an adventure.
  7. Call someone important to you for a conversation. Catching up with an old friend can be just what you need.
  8. De-clutter a room. Feeling overwhelmed by your living room? Put away anything that doesn’t belong.
  9. Take a bath. Use a bath bomb or bubbles, you’ll be on the way to feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.
  10. Get a pedicure. Go to the salon or paint them yourself. A change of color will make you feel pampered.
  11. Print off positive affirmations. Find a list or write your own. Print the list off and post it next to your mirror; start your morning by saying your affirmations to yourself.
  12. Buy a gift for friend ‘just because’. Bringing joy to others can be the perfect cure to lifting your mood.
  13. Cook your favorite meal. Go all out! Don’t forget an appetizer and a dessert.
  14. Listen to a playlist of your favorite songs. Get on Spotify and make a list of your top uplifting tunes.
  15. Write your feelings down in a journal.  Don’t hold anything in and let it all out!
  16. Head to the gym for an intense workout. A butt kicking workout may be just what you need. The feeling of accomplishment afterwords is worth it.
  17. Take care of a task you’ve been putting off. Its so easy to keep avoiding making a phone call or filling a form out that needs done, but trust me- once its done you’ll be relieved.
  18. Listen to a motivating podcast. Get comfortable on the couch and load a podcast. Close your eyes and focus on whats being said.
  19. Diffuse essential oils. Diffusing a relaxing scent such as lavender can help calm and relax you.
  20. Unfriend anyone on Facebook who brings you down. Especially after the elections, Facebook is filled with political opinions. Getting rid of the negative people or simply unfollowing them can clean up your news feed.
  21. Take a power nap. A nap can make such a difference in your day!
  22. When the negative thoughts creep into your mind, replace them with positives. Focus on the great things about you.


How do you stay positive?


One thought on “22 Ways To Feel Better Instantly

  1. All are wonderful ways to brighten our day:) I agree with on the FB part (#20). I would even suggest to turn off notifications and mute those that you don’t necessarily want to unfriend, but just don’t want to see their posts.

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