How To Keep Your Sanity With A Teething Baby

Teething is inevitable when you have a little one. Some babies start as early three months, others have their first tooth break through after they turn one. As cute as it can be seeing your child’s new toothy grin, getting to that point can be absolutely draining- the crying, the mood swings; it’s so exhausting!

Connor just had four molars break through in the last few weeks, making a total of 14 teeth at 17 months! This mama has had her share of feeling like she’s loosing her sanity while trying to comfort her baby.  To save you the trouble, here are my top suggestions for keeping your sanity with a teething baby.

  • First, know that its totally normal for your baby to not act like themselves when teething. 

Your baby will be happy and cooing at you one minute, and screaming while chewing on their hands the next. Its absolutely normal! You’re not doing anything wrong. As you can imagine, this process is so painful. Thankfully they have you to get them to the finish line.

Mesh feeders to the rescue!
  • Buy mesh feeders to keep on hand.

Mesh feeders are one of the greatest inventions for parents and children alike. I love how they are so versatile and inexpensive! If your little one is eating solids, you can put cold fruit in the mesh feeder for them to chew on. Personally, Connor loved just a plain watered down ice cube. I’ve also heard of moms making breast milk ice cubes to put in the feeders.

Sophie was Connor’s favorite.
  • Find the right teething toy.

Finding the right toy is a trial and error method, but once your baby chews on that soothing toy, it will be worth every penny. A few favorites we’ve had are the classic Sophie the Giraffe and this banana toothbrush. Look for a toy that is easily cleaned and that will last for at least a year.

  • Keep medicine on hand for the really rough times. 

When it feels like NOTHING is working, your little one may need a pain reliever. Tylenol is great; Motrin is even better (No Motrin before 6 months!) We’ve tried teething tablets and gels in the past, but the controversy with the gels making it harder for the teeth breaking though or the bad effects of the ingredients in the tablets is enough to keep me away.

  • Take a break.

Teething is just as stressful on the parents as it is the child. If you need to get away for a bit, go ahead and don’t feel guilty! We all need time to take care of ourselves, especially when we’re responsible for another human.


Best of luck mamas, you’ve got this!



13 thoughts on “How To Keep Your Sanity With A Teething Baby

  1. Poor you and Connor with so many teeth in so little time! It can be hellish, to say the least, and the best advice is to walk away and take a break so you can come back fresh and help your baby through a horrible time! Cute teething toys BTW!

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  2. We have one molar to go. Number three invaded Babystar’s mouth and our lives just this weekend and it was ZERO FUN. I wet and then froze silicon spatulas for her to chew on. Now she brings me the old one and says ‘cold, cold.’ Whatever works, right??

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  3. This is great advice – definitely helpful for me if/when I have my own littles in the future. I like how you covered both the tangible and intangible aspects – moms do need to take care of themselves too!

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