Proven Ways To Boost Your Milk Supply

In my year and a half of breastfeeding, I’ve have had many reasons to boost my supply: to build my freezer stash, to donate excess milk and even after the flu lowered my supply. Thankfully Connor and I are still going strong with breast milk! I’ve tried many tips and tricks to see what will boost my supply the most. Here are my top tried and true supply boosters.


Liquid Supplements 

Have you heard of Ovaltine, the classic milk flavoring product? The malt in Ovaltine can temporarily increase your supply! Before bed, drink a glass of milk (even better if you use coconut or almond milk) with a few scoops of Ovaltine. If your body responds well to the malt, you’ll see an increase in ounces for at least one or two pumps. Just make sure you get the classic malt or the chocolate malt flavor, the classic chocolate won’t give you a boost.

If you prefer a drink with less calories and a fruity flavor, give UpSpring Mom’s Milkflow a try. The drink mix comes in mix berry or a citrus flavor. Each packet has fenugreek, blessed thistle and anise, which stimulate a milk boost. Once again you’ll get a temporary boost.

Lastly, you can drink teas such as mother’s milk tea or raspberry leaf tea. Mother’s milk tea doesn’t have the best flavor, but you can add honey to get it down easier.

Vitamin Supplements

A popular suggestion you’ll see among other mamas is taking fenugreek supplements to help up your supply. Personally this method hasn’t worked for me, but I know other mamas who have had success.

You’ll also see other milk boosting supplements on the market such as Upspring  Mom’s Milkflow Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle capsules or Motherlove More Milk Plus capsules. Both supplements provide your body the right amount of galactagogues (fancy word for milk supply booster) that can help you see an increase.

Eat The Right Foods

Great news! Eating certain foods can help boost your supply! Foods such as almonds and oatmeal have been shown to help increase ounces. Mamas have even gone as far as creating “lactation cookies.” (Click here to see my favorite recipe!) Also don’t forget: stay hydrated! Ounces of water in equals ounces of water out. If you struggle with drinking plain water, you can try coconut water, Gatorade, or even add fresh fruit to add a yummy flavor.

Power Pumping

The power pumping method many be time consuming, but its an all natural way to trick your body into producing more milk and with the possibility of keeping your supply up for good. Grab your handy breast pump and pump out every last drop of milk until you are completely empty. As soon as you are empty, rest for ten minutes. Next, pump again for ten more minutes. Repeat the last two steps by resting for ten and pumping for ten. If you power pump every day for at least a week, you should see an increase. I personality have seen a permanent ounce increase from power pumping.

Remember mamas, any milk is GREAT milk. If you find yourself still struggling to get your supply where you want it to be, look up a local lactation consultant who can personally help you with boost your supply. 


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