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Make Nursing a Breeze With Bun Maternity

All nursing mama will agree with me: Nursing with layers of clothes on can be an absolute pain, especially when the weather is cool. I wear anywhere from three to four layers at a time and when Connor’s hunger strikes, he may be in meltdown mode by the time I can get a boob out and ready to feed. What if I told you that you can stay all warm and bundled up while nursing? Bun Maternity has a solution to that problem: The Cozy Nursing Hoodie!

When the hoodie arrived in my mail box, I couldn’t wait to tear open the packaging and get my new, warm hoodie on! First thing I did was look over the hoodie. The fabric wasn’t what I expected, it was stretchy! Made 95% cotton and 5% spandex, this hoodie fits your body during most stages of your pregnancy. It will stretch over your bump and once your little one arrives, it fits like a normal hoodie. I found it to be totally true to size, which is hard to find. I greatly appreciate how the Cozy Nursing Hoodie can be easily wash and dried. After many wears my hoodie still looks and feels soft.

When I tried the Cozy Nursing Hoodie on, I loved how its a tad bit longer and fits over my hips and backside. (Perfect for the leggings loving mama!) The hoodie is so unique in the design for nursing. 

Instead of a having to lift a part or the entire hoodie, you unsnap the Bun Signature snaps and pull the panel covers down to nurse, and the panels provide coverage while your little one feeds.

I practically live in this hoodie now! Home or on the go, its so easy to stay warm and nurse Connor. I’ve also received compliments on the style. 

One bonus perk I’ve found is you can easily do kangaroo care with a baby while wearing the hoodie! I put my newborn nephew in the bottom panel and opened the top. He stayed warm and cozy while we napped.

If you’re a mom to be or you just want a stylish hoodie, check out the Cozy Nursing Hoodie by Buns Maternity. Head here now to snag your own!


I received this product for free in exchange for my honest opinion. 




11 thoughts on “Make Nursing a Breeze With Bun Maternity

  1. Wow! I really like this hoodie! (And I’ve never seen a breastfeeding hoodie before, either!) I used to live in hoodies, and still love them during winter time! I may have to have a look at this one for the winter to come! Thank you for sharing!

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  2. It looks like a simple hoodie, but it’s actually really practical and discreet!
    Practical = it being a hoodie, its stretchy material and keeps one warm plus its length makes it versatile.
    Discreet = unsnap the panels and be ready to nurse!
    A great recommendation for new moms 🙂

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  3. I love this Bun hoodie. Just had mine arrive today and was hesitant to try the “regular size” because I thought I should size up, but you are right, it was very true to size and still forgiving and cute looking. Thank you for the share on how to do kangaroo type care. That looks snuggly and can’t wait to try that right away!

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