Month Summary

March Winds To April Showers

Happy April! I’m thrilled that its offically Spring and we’re that much closer to summer. I can’t wait to spend more time in the sun with my little guy! Here’s a summary of life and the blog in March.

Personal life:

My sweet boy turned 18 months the beginning of March. He and I celebrated his half birthday with a beautiful chocolate cake and a trip to the Omaha Children’s Museum. It’s amazing to think about how children grow and change so fast! He started saying the much anticipated “mama.” He now says, “what’s that?” while point at objects around the house and in public. Connor also is suddenly wanting to cuddle more, and this mama isn’t complaining!

Painting at the Omaha Children’s Museum
Connor and I are also spending more time outside as the weather is warmer. We enjoy visiting parks and hanging out in the backyard and coloring with chalk. I can’t wait until the city pools are open so I can see my little fish swim!

Connor drawing with his new Melissa and Doug Chalk Set

March Prizes and Freebies:

Design Skin Slider Phone Case from 0.8L

Lactalite breast pump illuminatiors  from Lactalite

Charm VoxBox from Influenster

Febreze ONE BzzKit from BzzAgent

NoTs Remedy Repair Cream from 0.8L

Beauty and The Beast book from Albert Whitman & Company

I also won a free haircut and color on Instagram at a local salon; I’m thrilled to redeem this prize as I’m long over due for a color!


I feel pretty pleased about March’s numbers. I hit 1,200 views for the month and had 756 unique visitors.  I’ve done a fair amount of promoting, and most of my traffic comes from Pinterest. My February post, Proven Ways To Boost Your Milk Supply, has been bringing in the most traffic.  I also wrote my first ever guest post for another blog, you can check it out here over at My Postpartum Life.

My top three posts were:

Proven Ways To Boost Your Milk Supply

Make Nursing A Breeze With Bun Maternity

Five Items In My Cart

Blog goals for April:

I have a few plans up my sleeve for product reviews! I’ll be writing about my Charm VoxBox experience soon. I also will be working on promoting my blog more along with showing love to other blogs.

Personal goals for April:

I’m keeping my mindset on the fact that I need to keep moving along. The month of April will bring big steps in my divorce case. It’s so easy to let the negative elements bring you down, but I’m focusing on keeping my chin up and being the best mother I can be.

I’m also trying to make better food choices this month. It’s so easy to just go through a drive thru or order takeout, but nothing beats a healthy, home cooked meal. (My thoughts on this subject may make its way into a post!)

Have a wonderful April!




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