5 Bingeworthy Shows To Turn On Now

After a long, grueling day of work, there’s nothing like sinking down into the couch, cuddling up to your favorite blanket, and turning on Netflix; am I right? I often find myself scrolling through show after show for nearly fifteen minutes just to find a show that would keep my attention. I’ve saved you that trouble and I’ve organized a list of the top 5 shows on Netflix and Hulu that you must check out!



Life In Pieces

This fresh comedy follows the lives of the Short family, who are all in different stages of life, from new parents to ready to go off to college. The episode is cut into four short stories about each family unit, and range from topics such as being grounded or struggling with breastfeeding. When I’m watching an episode, I’m laughing the entire time and loving all of the quirks of each cast member.

Watch season 1 of  Life In Pieces on Netflix. 



Project Runway

I’m not fashion forward at all, but I sure love a great reality competition show! Project Runway starts with a group of designers of all experience levels who all have the same goal: to win Project Runway and the thousands of dollars in prizes that come along with the title, while breaking into the fashion industry.  Each week a designer is eliminated from the show. Watching the group fight to the end for the title literally has me on the edge of my seat.

Watch seasons 8-14 of Project Runway on Hulu. 



You’re The Worst

Who doesn’t love a tale of two people that shouldn’t be a couple, yet are? Gretchen and Jimmy both come from completely different worlds. Follow along as they navigate a truly “It’s complicated” relationship and the lives of their odd ball friends. I often find myself laughing out loud to the witty banter and relate to the realness of this show. Warning: make sure the kids are in bed for the night before turning an episode on.

Watch seasons 1 and 2 of You’re The Worst on Hulu. 




If any show captures the awkwardness of dating and getting to know someone, Love hits the nail on the head. Just like You’re The Worst, Love is an anti-sitcom about about two odd people who are not good matches. Gus is a typical nice guy and Mickey is complex and struggles with addictions. The awkward moments and the raw feelings are extremely easy to relate to.

Find Season 1 & 2 of Love on Netflix. 


This Is Us

I’ll be honest, I avoided watching this show for as long as I could. I was turned off by the fact that Mandy Moore was playing a mother. After much boredom and consideration, I thought that it couldn’t hurt to check out just one episode. Hours pasted and next thing I knew I was hooked! I love the connection between and the characters and seeing the past and present of their lives. Seriously – give this show a chance, even if it’s just one episode. And sorry that I ever doubted you, Mandy Moore.

Find season 1 of This Is Us on Hulu.


What are your bingeworthy favorites?


9 thoughts on “5 Bingeworthy Shows To Turn On Now

  1. Have you watched 13 Reasons Why? It’s new, I read the book several years ago but it’s really good so far! Whenever I am looking for a binge on Netflix I always go to Orange is the New Black…I started late in the craze so I’m not caught up yet but glad I started watching.

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    1. I have seen only the first episode and I am already hooked! I want to go and read the book now because we know it’s always better;)
      Orange is also a great show! Can’t wait for the new season to come out!

      Liked by 1 person

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