5 Items In My Cart

Doing your nightly online shopping browse? I have you covered, check my list out!


Melissa & Doug My First Sidewalk Chalk Set, $4.99 at

Connor is only one and a half, but he has no problem issue holding on to this chalk set. The textured ridges of the chalk holders makes it easy for him to keep his grip while coloring on the pavement. I love that once he uses the chalk up, it’s so easy for me to  pop open the tripod grasp to put a new piece in.



Soap & Glory Archery DIY Brow Bar, $15.99 at Target

This kit includes everything you need to achieve perfect, defined brows. I like that a blonde and a brown shade are included, so I can customize the exact shade I’m going for. Even after a long day, my eyebrows still look bold and beautiful.



Elizavecca Milky Piggy Elastic Pore Cleansing Foam, $9.95 at

I was fortunate to be able to try this cleanser for free! I apply the cleanser to my face with a little bit of water and massage until it starts to foam. After I rinse, my skin feels so soft! I also notice tighter pores and less black heads after a couple of days.



Norwex Antibacterial Suede Make-up Remover Face Cloth, 3 pack for $39.99 on

The Norwex Make-Up Remover cloth takes off all of your makeup, with only a little bit of water. I’m talking foundation, eyeliner, waterproof make up – you name it. Once the cloth is dirty, all you have to do is launder it and it’s ready to be used again. Other remover wipes are costly and dry my skin out, while the Norwex cloth is reusable and free of chemicals. A+ in my book!



Green Pinata Toy Rental, $24.99 a month at

If you’re a fan of toxin-free, educational toys for your little ones, check out Green Pinata. Once a month, you’ll receive a box of toys that are perfect for your child’s age group. After the month is up, send the toys back for a new box full of fun! If your child falls in love with one of the toys, you have the option to buy the toy at Amazon prices and it’s yours to keep. I highly respect Green Pinata for their sustainability efforts!


3 thoughts on “5 Items In My Cart

  1. I love the Idea I being able to do my brows, though I have no idea how. I suffer from an impulsive brow job with someone I didn’t know who has made them too thin; has left me suffering ever since.

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