Month Summary

Hello May

Time sure flies by, doesn’t it? It’s amazing to think that summer will start next month, and the BEM blog will turn 1! Check out my recap of April and goals for May.

Personal life:


I started the month of April off with updating my look! I won a free haircut and color at a local salon, The Beauty Operators. My stylist, Alice, was absolutely incredible. She took the time to get to know my hair habits and explained the process from start to finish. She exceeded my expectations and I’m head over heels in love with my new look. I can’t wait to go see Alice again!

Connor is growing up so fast. A few weeks back, he and I took apart his crib. He now sleeps with his mattress on the floor, and boy does he love it! I love the floor on the bed idea; it shows him that I trust him to stay in his bed at night. So far the experience has been great. He normally sleeps through the night; so I’m one happy mama. I’ve only woken up once to him playing with a toy car while laying in bed!


April freebies and prizes:


ELIZAVECCA Elastic Pore Cleansing Foam from 0.8L

CELLBM Kelp Sheet Masks from 0.8L

a;t fox Black Tea Lifting Cream from 0.8L

Arm and Hammer Spin Brush from Smiley 360

Details Matter with P&G and Costco Kit from Smiley 360

Free movie tickets from a local radio station

free tickets to the Renaissance Festival of Nebraska


I haven’t focused on the BEM blog as much as I wish I would have. I’ll be real with you, the toll of divorcing and being a single mother have hit hard this month. I’ve been trying to focus on keeping myself going while being the best mother I can be. I’m hoping that in May I’ll feel more motivated to write more posts; I’m staying positive.

In the month of April, the BEM blog received 948 views and 659 unique visitors. Not the worst but not the best.

My top three posts were:

Proven Ways To Boost Your Milk Supply (My most popular post to date!)

5 Bingeworthy Shows To Turn On Now

5 Items In My Cart

Blog goals for May:

I’m planning to post at least two posts a week. I’ll also be working on promoting my blog more on social media.

Personal goals for May:

I’m just going to keep going along like I have been. Connor is also at this fun stage where he’s more verbal and wants to explore the world around him. Now that the weather is warm, I want to take him to new parks and visit the zoo at least once this month.

I’ve also been working on watching what food choices I make. I try to cut meat out at least two days a week and eat more vegetables. So far, its going well! I’d like to stay on that path.

Have a wonderful May!





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